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One of the pleasures of owning a quality, purebred beagle is showing him off to other people. Of course not every beagle is going to make a good show dog. Even though you and your friends may think he is the most handsome beagle you have ever seen this does not mean an experienced dog show Judge will think the same. It is advisable to attend a few dog shows, see lots of beagles and talk to breeders so you can to understand what showing is all about before making any decisions.

Dogs NSWhe (formerly the Royal N.S.W. Canine Council) will be able to tell you what shows are coming up and whether there will be beagles being exhibited. Here are their contact details

Phone : (02) 9834 3022 or 1300 728 022 (NSW only)
Fax : (02) 9834 3872
E-mail :

Beagle Club of N.S.W. Shows (where only beagles are shown) are held on Easter Saturday and Sunday each year. This would be an ideal place to see lots of beagles, watch how they are shown and talk to breeders and exhibitors. Details of the next Beagle Show can be found on the following page.

It is important to get to know the beagle Standard so you can visualise what the "perfect" beagle looks like. A dog show judge will compare your beagle to the Standard when he does his assessment, the one that is closest to that standard (in his or her opinion) will be awarded the ribbon. Don't be surprised if you win under one Judge and are completely overlooked by another. This is actually a good thing, because if the same dog won every day, there wouldn’t be any incentive for other owners to even enter after their first few shows.

Not all puppies will be show qualityOnce you decide that you would like to show and are looking for a "show quality" puppy then you will need to be advised by the breeder of your pup. Most breeders can tell whether a puppy will make the grade but there are no guarantees - assessment can only be based on the construction and temperament of the young pup and experience with their own bloodlines. No one can tell what may happen a few months or or even weeks down the track!

Having decided on your puppy, make sure it will be registered with the Royal NSW Canine Council on the Main Register (blue certificate). This indicates the breeder is of the opinion that the puppy is worthy of being shown and bred from. Pet puppies are usually registered on what is called a Limited Register (orange certificate) which indicates that the pup is not to be shown or bred from.

Your puppy will be able to be entered at a show once he has reached the age of three months and you can show him/her up to the age of 6 months without becoming a member of the R.N.S.W.C.C. yourself. However if you get "bitten by the bug" and decide to show your beagle past that age then you will need to become a member. The Canine Council will be pleased to forward the relevant information and application forms to you. They also have a great web page that guides you through the things you need to know about showing.

New Exhibitors Guide

Here's another site that gives lots of advice

A Beginners Guide to Dog Showing in Australia

Showing can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating but it can also bring a great deal of joy not to mention the friendships that can develop. Why not give it a try?


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