Cooper checks out how to become a member

How do I become a member?

Membership is open to anyone who has a love for beagles and wishes to participate in the activities the Club has to offer, you don't even have to own a beagle!

Membership categories and Fees

Membership Category Voting Rights Annual
Single Member 1 vote $25
Household Member
(members of same household)
2 votes $35
Kennel Member
(Joint prefix owners registered with Dogs NSW or
another state canine authority, different households)
Max 3 votes $40
Pet Member
(does not breed or show, Harking In by email only)
None $10
Life Member
(by invitation only)
1 vote Complimentary
Junior Member
(under 18 years of age, Harking In by email only)
None Complimentary

Applying for membership

By Mail

If you would like to become a member please print the application form on the link below and send with a cheque for the appropriate amount made out to The Beagle Club of NSW to the address printed on the form. Payment can also be made by direct deposit (bank details are on the form) or you can pay by cash at one of the Club's activities. You will still need to fill out and either mail in the form or hand it in as the Club will need your details for the records.

Membership Application/Renewal form


Apologies! This is not working at the moment. Please be patient, will have it back working soon

You can fill in an on-line application form by clicking on the link below. Payment can be made by direct deposit. You will need to advise the Secretary when the deposit has been made.

On-line Membership Application/Renewal form

We hope to see you at a Club event in the not too distant future.


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