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Single ($25)  Household ($35)  Kennel ($40)  Pet Owner ($10)  Life   Junior

* Membership Category Voting Rights Annual
Subs. Fee
Single Member 1 vote $25
Household Member
(members of same household)
2 votes $35
Kennel Member
(Joint prefix owners registered with Dogs NSW or another state canine authority, different households)
Max 3 votes $40
Pet Member
(does not breed or show, Harking In by email only)
None $10
Life Member
(by invitation only)
1 vote Complementary
Junior Member
(under 18 years of age, Harking In by email only)
None Complementary

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I/We do hereby apply for Membership/Renewal of Membership of The Beagle Club of N.S.W. Inc. I/We fully support the objectives of the Club and agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Club and the Code of Ethics (copies of which may be obtained from the Secretary).

I/We do also hereby agree that each adult participant will accept full responsibility for themselves, for their children under 18 years of age and beagles (of any age) at any activity organised by The Beagle Club of NSW Inc.

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Membership fees

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Single ($25)  Household ($35)  Kennel ($40)  Pet Owner ($10)  Life  Junior

to be paid by [Check one]

Direct Deposit
Account: The Beagle Club of NSW Inc
BSB: 112-879 (St George)
Account Number: 057740675)
Please use your name as payment reference if the account is not in your name

Cheque/Money Order  (Made out to The Beagle Club of NSW)
Please print the copy of this form sent to your email address and send to:
The Beagle Club of NSW
c/- Georgia Cable
34 Isabella Street
Queens Park NSW 2022

Please add $1 to help cover fees
Send payment to or use the PayPal button on the Club's homepage

(For Life Members, Junior Members and families that have adopted one of the Beagle Rescue NSW foster beagles)

Please email to confirm once you have sent your payment or if you have any questions

For New Members only

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Annual Subscription Period:

The subscription year runs from 1 July – 30 June.
However, if you join in May or June your membership will carry through to the following year. Applications made after the December General Meeting and before the April General Meeting will cost $12.50 Single/$17.50 Household/$20 Kennel.

General Meetings – Timing and Location:

General meetings are held bi-monthly on the second Tuesday of the month in February, April, June, August, October and December. The time and location of the meeting will be advised via the Club’s Facebook page, email, newsletter (the Harking In) and published on the Club’s website.

The Club also holds its Annual General Meeting in August each year, generally the AGM will be held immediately preceding the August General Meeting.

Attendance at meetings is open to all Members, however only those with Memberships carrying voting rights will be entitled to vote on any motions put forward. Members are encouraged to attend meetings, to actively engage in and steer the direction of the Club.

Thank you for your application
(a copy of which will be sent to your email address)

For new applications, it will be submitted at the next General Meeting and approval will be dependent on receipt of your payment.