How it works

The future of a pointscore competition was discussed at the October 2006 General Meeting with the general feeling being that a “conventional” pointscore was not going to achieve what the competition was originally started for ie

  • to attract a good entry so the public was able to see a large number of beagles in one place,

  • to enable exhibitors to regularly compete in a larger entry and establish a “benchmark” for themselves

  • to encourage novice exhibitors to take part and benefit from observing all the different beagles and learning from the collective knowledge available through the numbers of exhibitors.

While it was agreed that a conventional pointscore competition would not be successful and therefore would not be held in 2007, a proposal for a series of Breed Feature Shows was approved.

The series of Breed Feature Shows is designed to achieve most of the previous aims and also to enable all members – both in the metropolitan and regional areas to take part.

Definition of a Breed Feature Show will be an All Breeds or Group Show designated by the Club as a Feature Show which will have special awards (see below) donated by the Club. It will preferably be a show where there is a breed or Hound group specialist or an International officiating as judge.

Special Awards *
(* NB: these awards will not be presented at the Beagle Club of NSW. Ch. Shows) but winners of these awards are still eligible to compete in the Beagle of the Year finals

  • Challenge Dog and Bitch - Sash

  • Reserve Challenge Dog and Bitch - Sash

  • Baby Puppy in Breed - Sash

  • Minor Puppy in Breed - Sash

  • Puppy in Breed - Sash

Nominations for Breed Feature Shows are to be submitted by members and these will be voted on annually to determine the designated shows in each area (postal/email votes to be accepted).


  • 2 Easter Beagle Club of NSW Championship Shows

  • 2 in the Central Region (Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong)

  • 2 in the Northern Region

  • 2 in the Southern Region


Members of the Club are eligible to compete at any of the shows.

To compete in the Beagle of the Year and Puppy of the Year competition all owners must be members at the time of the win and must also be a member when the contest is held [Easter each year]. [Amended to "all owners", Jan. 2009] An owner [or owners] who was not a member at the time of the win will be eligible to compete with their beagle if they become a member within 30 days of their win.

Puppy of the Year

Winners of Baby Puppy of Breed, Minor Puppy of Breed and Puppy of Breed from each of the Breed Feature Shows will be invited to compete in a similar competition however dogs and bitches will be judged together. To be eligible to compete in the Puppy of the Year final exhibits must be under the age of 18 months [Added Feb 2010].

Winner to be named as Puppy of the Year.

Dog and Bitch of the Year

The Challenge and Reserve Challenge winners from each of the Breed Feature Shows will be invited  to participate in a competition (all owners must be members) to be held at the Easter Championship Show each year.

Dogs and Bitches will be judged separately by at least two judges one of whom will be a breed specialist.

Winners to be named as Dog & Bitch of the Year respectively.

Beagle of the Year

The winners of Dog and Bitch of the Year will compete with the winner to be named as Beagle of the Year.